Saturday, June 16, 2012

Make your own FREE wedding business video commercial

Don’t be fooled that you have to buy one of the paid upgraded memberships to any of the wedding advertising sites to make a video highlighting your wedding business.   You can do this for free (once again my favorite price) at Animoto.  You can make a highly effective video of your wedding business and use that video to help promote your wedding business on various websites, your own website, or get increased exposure on You Tube. 

I’ve tried this myself and actually loved it.  It is very simple to do and only take about 15 minutes to complete.     First go to and sign up for an account free.   Once signed up you can create a free 30 second video commercial about your business.   Just grab about 10 or 15 images of you in action or your logo beforehand and you are ready to roll.  It is simple drag and drop technology so you just grab your images and drop them into a timeline.  You can select some background music right from Animoto.  Now the music is not all that great, but it is music none the less.  

Your wedding business video will have and Animoto logo at the end of it, but that is ok, it is free and that is the least we can do for using the service for free.  There is no sense paying someone for an upgraded  membership, making a video then having THEIR logo on the end of it (what’s up with that WW…who is paying who to advertise who here?).   

Now, after you have completed your video, you SHOULD upload this video to You Tube.   Why??  First of all, for additional SEO exposure (who owns You Tube???   Yeah Google).   Secondly,  because you can embed You Tube videos into your own website or most of the advertising venues out there.    You can also reference You Tube Video is Facebook.  Animoto provides a link to upload your video direct to You Tube.  This process may take about 20 minutes, but well worth the wait.  You can go on about your business while this is uploading.  

You now have a 30 second commercial about your business that you can display anywhere your heart desires as many places as your heart desires.   All you have to do is insert the embed code that You Tube provides into your html.  PLUS, you are only advertising Animoto and you are not advertising someone that you had to pay to advertise your site (I still don’t get this practice).  

Videos are great for advertising your wedding business.  The free Animoto video is about 30 seconds long (about the equivalent of a Television commercial) so it great for people that are in a hurry to get information (instant gratification) about you or someone who may be A.D.D. 

I am by no way devaluing a professional quality video that can be done by many other wedding professionals.   You may want to consider this free video as a stepping stone to a professionally made video commercial by many of the videographers and cinematographers out there.   But it is FREE and if it works somewhat to get a bride to hire you, then you may want to consider the professional route.    

Hope this helps someone.


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