Sunday, June 17, 2012

Keep Your Customers on Your website until they are booked

That’s right folks, the title says it all and it is Marketing 101.  Keep your customers on your website until you have that booking.   Don’t give your customers any reason to leave your website until they fill out your contact form or contact you to book their wedding.   That means at the very least, on every single page of your website you need to have a call to action (ie Contact us today at this link”, Call us Now at, etc).  

This also means that you should NEVER purposely send any of your visitors away from your website to do anything.  As soon as you purposely send anyone away from your website you increase the possibility that you have lost that prospect for good.  This includes all of your reviews, your images, and your tube videos that are hosted on other sites.  Better yet, keep your reviews, your images, your videos on your website.   If you have a word press site, I am sure they have some sort of plug in to do just this.  But NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS purposely send your visitors away to another website to view anything about you.  

Now it is ok for people to put reviews of your business on other websites.  Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and good reviews of your business on other sites are great.   After all, those reviews are a link and get people to your website, which gives you a great chance to sell your business.  What is great is that most of these are FREE, so that is creating a free link to your website.  The same thing applies for images, don’t even take the chance of sending your visitor away from your site so they can look at your competitor's images while they are there or maybe even forget about you.  

I scratch my head when I see people advertise on their website “See our reviews at this website” or “See our images at that website”.  Geez, put the reviews and images on your own website so you can continue to sell YOU to that visitor.    Don’t send them away almost certainly never to return again.  If you are that proud of your reviews and images, make sure they are on your site.  At the bottom of those reviews, don’t forget your call to action “You can be our next satisfied customer.  Call us at.. “.

If you really want to display the reviews of your satisfied customers and don’t want to put a review form on your site, then use the other review services that provide you with a small bit of code that you can put onto your site to display the reviews.  With this small bit of code you can display some of your reviews, but of course for this service you will be advertising this other company and also providing them with a back link.  That is OK if it is free, because, hey it is only right.   But if you are PAYING for this service to advertise you, then why would you advertising them on your website.  Sounds like the tail wagging the dog and you get to pay to advertise them.   Maybe you should charge them?

To combat this continued silliness, I’ve been developing my own little website for wedding vendors to have their own reviews, approve which reviews are displayed, then put a one line snippet of code on their website to display these reviews.  The only difference is there is no advertisement for my other site, so it looks like the reviews belong on the page and visitors reading the reviews are not directed to another website or have to see an advertisement for another website.  Like I said it is currently under development as I am giving the ability to choose your own colors for the background and text, to make it integrate seamlessly into your site.  Should be pretty cool and of course, it will be either dirt cheap or free.  That is just the way I operate.   I’ll fill you in as soon as it is complete. 

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