Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here goes my first attempt at blogging.  My passion is wedding vendors and the promotion of wedding vendors.  Of course I own some 40 something internet wedding websites that promote wedding vendors.  Hopefully in some of these blogs I can offer some tips to wedding vendors to actually help them in their advertising efforts.

I'm a firm believer in that fact that advertising your wedding business should not be an expensive venture.  And of course, I have some real issues with the major venues out there that are currently offering advertising to wedding vendors.   My primary issue is what they are charging for the real value that they provide.

I was a Disc Jockey in the wedding world for 28 years.  I could not believe some of the costs associated with advertising my wedding business.  Many times I would just get disheartened once looking at the costs associated with this advertising.   Hence, I decided to create my own wedding website for wedding vendors to advertise on.  The foundation that I built that wedding website on was that I am going to provide the most value for the least cost to the advertiser.  I continue to follow that foundation today with the many websites that I operate throughout the United states and will continue to operate that way.

So in my blogs, I may talk up my wedding websites and may even trash some of the other major advertising venues.  If I do this and it offends anyone, I apologize.  But please realize that I am quite annoyed at the charges that some wedding vendors are incurring simply to advertise on these major networks.  And to be quite honest, the wedding advertising venues need not instill these charges on the vendors.  These advertising venues are forgetting that they are dealing with small business, not big business.

I am not jealous of these advertising venues either.  One would think that, beings the sites I have are doing the same thing, but it is simply not the case.  In fact, I love the idea of promoting wedding vendors.  My beef is the charges and the value they are (or are not) providing.

So here goes.  Let's see if I can get my second blog out there and actually get anyone to read it.



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