Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get Your Customers to the Correct Page of Your Website

For many of the wedding professionals who post a listing to your business on another website, it is important to insure that you are directing your customers to the correct page of your website to see any meaningful results.  Here is what I mean:

If you are a disc jockey and your business allows you to do more than one type of event (weddings, parties, teen dances, etc) or a photographer (weddings, portraits, family photos), the home page of your website may be quite generic in nature, as to cover all of the different events your service covers.  If you are going to send someone to your web site that is specifically interested in weddings, then create a separate page just for weddings.  Make sure that page has some images of a smiling happy bride, some great content directed at weddings, and of course the all important "Call to action".

Now when listing your company, when asked for your web page, enter the page you want the brides to go to, not your home page.  This way, your target select audience will go to a page that will give them the "instant gratification" they seek and they will not have to go searching your site for your wedding information.  It really doesn't matter if you have a giant link on your home page to go to your wedding page, brides want information and they want it now and they do not want to have to search for it.  So give it to them without them asking.

A perfect example of this was a recent DJ I spoke to about his listing on one of our sites.  Unfortunately he was going to cancel his subscription to advertising with us. His reasoning was that he wasn't getting enough business with his ad on our site.  I always want satisfied customers on our site and thought maybe that our site was not doing it's job in getting visitors to his site.  So while we were talking I visited his statistics page on our site and noticed that he was getting many click-throughs from our site to his.  My first thought was maybe he expected more.  I then clicked through to his site and the answer was quite obvious.  You open his website and his home page is all about the Bose L1 sound system.  Luckily his rotating photo gallery happened to be on a page with a bride doing the Electric Slide, but nothing else about weddings.  To be sure I did not have a preconceived notion, I later had my wife look at the site and her words were that she would have clicked off of the site right away because it looked like a site that was selling sound system equipment.         

I explained to this DJ that brides want to see images of a happy bride and people having fun at their reception dancing and partying.  I also explained that most brides don't know the difference between a Bose and hose and at that point of the sales process, they did not want to educate their brides on the sound system quality.   At that point of their sales process, they need to lure brides in with what the brides want to see and hear..."What are you going to do for me and how are you going to make my day a worry free day I and my guests can enjoy?".  Needless to say, after presenting a few facts, the DJ did decide to renew his listing with us and hopefully he will act on our constructive criticism of his site.

I would imagine that brides would have the same reaction  looking for a photographer for their wedding and they open up a page that has all baby photos.   Everybody loves baby photos, don't get me wrong, but at that moment in time of the sales process, a bride is not looking for that and will click away from the site if they need to dig to find the wedding section.  In a later blog we will answer the all important questions...What do brides want? (that should be good).

So the bottom line through all this rambling, please insure you are directing your customers to the correct web page of your website and not just to your home page.   Whether it be on one of our sites or any other site you are advertising your wedding business on.

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