Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grab a couple extra clients

I know this has been regurgitated a hundred times for some of the DJ’s, but why not once more because it applies to everybody.  At the recent EPMEN seminar, one of the key things I walked away with, was a message that has out for a long time but not as widely used as it could be.  There have been many articles, seminars, and other educational offerings on it.  Some people that I personally see, are actually listening to the message, because they are the most successful (at their trade).  The people that are struggling, in one way, shape or form are people that I know are not practicing this one simple technique.  When I say struggle, I mean that they are just trying to get ahead, so I say that in the dearest of terms. 

The Wow Factor.  The art of going above and beyond your customer’s expectations.  Steve Moody mentioned it in dealing with venues, where he WOWs the venues and the venue staff.  Peter Merry mentioned it several times in dealing with your clients.  I’m not going to go into details at exactly how they presented it, because you had to be there, but the message was crystal clear.  And it is so simple and so inexpensive, but yet, goes so far.  I know a whole bunch of people that can adapt this and make their businesses better. 

In a recent survey by The Wedding Report, 62% of couples pick one of their wedding professionals through a friend or family recommendation.  Something that a particular vendor did, impressed this friend or family member to recommend them.  It could be price (I doubt it), it could be performance (possibly), or it could any number of things.  But there was something that stuck in someone’s head about what a particular vendor did.  There is where the WOW factor comes in.  YOU NEED TO MAKE PEOPLE REMEMBER YOU.  

When you perform your service at a wedding or reception, it is s no brainer that everyone there is a potential client and a potential lead.  So you need to find a way to have your business stick in everyone’s head, other than you plain old regular service, which you are already great at.  But you being great is yesterday’s news and is a given at any function you perform your service.  Heck, that is why people pay you.  It is time to go above and beyond what you are supposed to do.   The time and money you spend in doing this is far less than you will ever spend in any advertising of your business AND will lead to quality leads for your business. 

Disc Jockeys have been doing this for years with quiet surprises for brides and grooms.  People the likes of Peter Merry and Randy Bartlett (who get a lot more than $800 for a wedding reception) have been doing this and trying to educate DJ’s on this for years.  The successful DJs are taking this advice…and it shows (ask any one of them).   The guys getting $800, well, they either don’t know or think they already know it all.  This great principal can be used by every single wedding vendor category out there.  I don’t care what your profession is, there is something you can do to WOW at least one potential client in attendance at any given portion of the wedding.  You need to be personal, creative, not obvious, and humble about whatever you do. 

I’m not going to give away anything from the presenters at EPEMN, but one that immediately comes to my mind is cakes and bakeries.  OK you make a beautiful and great tasting cake for the wedding reception.  Big deal, it is yesterday’s news because you are supposed to do that.  How about finding out where the ladies of the bridal party are getting dressed and sending cupcakes for them to that location (send a few extras).  Right there you have at least 4 or 5 probably single ladies or a mother with other single daughters that are going to remember that.  Don’t bother sending anything to the guys because unless it is beer, booze, or boobs they are not going to remember anything anyways.  But you have a small (extra) intimate audience there that is going to remember you because of something extra that you did…for free.  It cost you maybe $50.00 total, but not only did you do something nice and out of the way, you now are stuck in someone’s mind.  There is no better return on investment.         

I am sure there are hundreds of ways each and every wedding vendor category professional can go above and beyond and get people to remember you by the extra mile you went to make someone’s day special.  Don’t ask me to be creative for you because I am a computer geek that has trouble picking out anniversary cards for my wife.  If you are creative with flowers, cakes, photographs, this should almost be a no brainer for you. 

This is the one thing I am going to give away from the EPMEN seminar because it is so profound.  It is from Steve Moody and it is, “Don’t think of it as kissing their butt, think of it as kissing their A$$” (and note the dollar bill signs).

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